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Dragon Soul LFR, Cheating, And Honor

So after seeing the kerfluffle regarding people using the Dragon Soul Looking for Raid to get their raid teams fully geared in the new gear, I have a hypothetical situation that some people will claim is cheating, whereas others would say it’s perfectly legal in game.

Looking for Raid as it Existed previously

In the Looking for Raid, everybody had a opportunity to roll for loot.  It was discovered that people who had previously rolled for loot on that boss that you could get someone who won the loot this time, could trade it to the person who was ineligible for the loot. Blizzard announced that this was not the intended usage of loot for Looking for Raid.  Blizzard revoked the loot of everyone who got the ill gotten loot and gave them suspensions of service.

A Hypothetical Situation

Assuming you had a group of people who had enough people to effectively have 2 raid groups, you might be able to organize a raid where you have 1 person per Tier token so that if the token drops, It’s almost automatically guaranteeing that it will go to the recipient.  In this case you could potentially shard a whole lot of gear because the loot drops may not be the ones that the recipients are wanting. In this case it means that you’re going to run the instance anywhere between 9 and 25 times.  Personally I feel that this, while kinda cheezy, is perfectly legitimate.  What do others think?